Lightning/Electrocution Survivor's Stories

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This section of our site is in honor and memory of all who have been struck by lightning, and those who have been electrocuted, and those who are still suffering daily because of the great trauma to their very being that fateful day.

Not only are survivors affected physically but mentally as well.

The nervous system is affected in so many different ways after being struck by lightning or even after being electrocuted and all of us are in need of constant prayers as our lives and the lives of our families change drastically almost immediately and many times we have no idea why, unless you've been hit directly as many in our group have been and lived to tell their awesome stories of survival.

It seems as lightning or electrical shocked people are teased, laughed, mocked and misunderstood as we all tend to due things out of the ordinary now and then. Such as forgetting the clean dishes go in the cabinet and not in the refrigerator. It's the little things that become un-nerving to all who are around us and believe it or not, this doesn't even include the physical pain many live with now daily.

I'm finding so many people have truly been affected by lightning or electricity and have never paid much attention to it after the inital shock is over. But if you start to do things that seem strange to you, (memory loss is one of them) then maybe you should check into the last time you've been shocked as you could be suffering from a long term ailment caused by lightning or electricity.

Pay attention to the weather reports, keep your eyes on the sky, if you hear thunder, take cover immediately! Stay safe!

Many of us were hit with lightning because we didn't know to keep a watchful eye either so now many of us are working together to warn you about the true dangers of that amazing shocking experience you don't want any part of.

I/we will add stories as people send them in to us.

Please pass the warning on to others, and if you are a survivor then please contact  one of the group moderator's, Missy, Darla or Erma, and join our group today by clicking on the photo above.


My Name Is Erma/Little Spider Sossman And I Am A LSSL And Electrical Shock Survivor*

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