The Bird's, (The Demonic Birds)

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The Birds

Evilness lurked all about, and even though bible studies were held nightly in this campground we called home, things would just go crazy from time to time such as fires jumping out of fire rings catching children on fire, car accidents, sudden illnesses or injuries taking place here day in and out, you could hear the children running around playing in the middle of the night and people out chasing the bear that terrorized the campers on many different occasions, especially after the warning had came from different people saying, Get out of here, we dont want you here because the spirits are becoming angry with you, and now we are telling you
To leave and Dont speak of Jesus, the God that youre teaching about isnt wanted here.

We simply didnt know what to think after attending church in town and afterwards being invited to worship Jesus in a secret place as fear gripped the hearts of Pastors and Christians in this community. The people held such fear of the great white spirit and what he may do to them if they taught or listened to anything else that told of Jesus Christ true identity; and this just didnt seem right to a one of us period because we too knew the real Christ, the Living God. Knowing there was a secret place for the true Christians to worship Jesus Christ was odd in itself, we had never been in a situation like this before, so when people spoke of worshiping Jesus safely we were told, You will never know when we meet, nor will you know were or what day until its time to be there and we have to do this for our safety. Not only did this bring anger into my heart it appalled each one of us to think we had to sneak around to worship our Jesus. The more I prayed about this obstacle the more I seeked answers and its as if I knew in my spirit this could be a trial run in making the decision to serve Jesus or the anti-Christ in which the mark with the number 666 would be placed on us and we simply didnt want to play this dangerous game period and I found myself sitting in Judgment as I condemned my fellow Christian for going underground to worship my God. So we figured we had the right to speak of Jesus Christ the Living God, anytime, anyplace and anywhere and we didnt plan on denying him in the open or in a secret meeting place especially in this evil place we called home and if people didnt like it, they would just have to deal with it on their own.

I knew in my heart we needed Jesus more now then ever as I continued to watch the eerie things taking place in our daily lives now and if it hadnt of been for Jesus, I believe whole heartily that there wouldnt of been a one of still alive to talk about the events that took place in this pretty out of the way little campground that was filled each night with folks and families usually those down on their luck for one reason or another and they too, just seemed to be caught in this spiders web of pure evilness with no way to escape from the situation they were in either until someone was hurt.

Our reason for being there was that a job transfer held us up after making the long move to Oregon from Nevada, so as we waited for a new starting date over and over again, we ended up here in this desolate place where the demons ran the place continuously ,and a place where the blood from one person or another just seemed to fly night after night as screams of terror sounded throughout the camp filling you with eeriness.

Eventually my husband was called to work and hopes raised within my/our hearts then our son also went to work, the problem was though they worked in two different towns, and the distance between the two jobs depending on the direction you went was about twenty-five or thirty miles apart in different directions, so many mornings Id get up and take one or the other to his job first then hop at on Hwy 101 heading for the other town dropping the second worker off, then Id return to the hill for the day to be with my Mother, daughter-n-law and grandson. During the day we cleaned, carried water, gathered firewood and waited for the appointed time to return to pick-up my husband and son up as their day ended, and many times my Mother stayed on the hill by herself because she hated Oregon period and she simply didnt want to see anymore of it then she already had. Not liking to leave her alone, some of the campers we knew volunteered to keep an eye on her until we returned that evening and that took a lot of my worry away where she was concerned.

I spent most of my days writing bible studies and stories about Jesus, and after our work was finished and Mom listened to the radio or sit in silence looking out the windows watching the other campers moving about, and this became her favorite pass time. She enjoyed watching the people move about and many times someone would wave at her and this made her day.

My daughter-n-law and grandson just laid around after our work was finished or visited with other campers, so all in all, our days were pretty boring and slow, until the eerie things just begin to take place in the daytime making us more and more vigilant when it came to watching out for each other, and I do mean weird things happened.. such as thinking you had seen something move up in a tree, no not a squirrel, a shadow, or you could just feel an evil feeling engulf you and you couldnt shake it, people seeing things that were not there, or feeling something touch you, yet no one was there, or hearing someone sobbing, laughter or harsh words coming out of the trees and eventually the campers begin to talk to each other about the weird things taking place, so the campers would meet in a camp site together not knowing what lurked about in the woods and figuring there was safety in numbers they decided this was the safest thing to do. It seemed as if the wind would speak to you and sometimes the woods themselves just seemed to come alive bringing unwanted fear to each and every person present as you could hear the movement in the brush and fear would nearly over take everyone there, so each time this happened I fell back to the scriptures reassuring others the demons couldnt hurt us if only we would believe Jesus wordsthe promises that I knew Jesus would make good were, Isaiah 41:10, Luke 10:19 and Ephesians Chapter 6:11-18, so in the beginning I just kind of went with the flo of things not thinking to much about it, believing no harm would come near us, so with these thoughts I allowed the demons to have their own way, their own fun even though other campers were being hurt night after night and with this knowledge I knew we were protected, after all we had Jesus! And that was good enough for me. But the family finally quit praying together for one reason or the other, and I felt since I now prayed alone Jesus wasnt with me to hear my prayers and my prayers were now hindered by my own thoughts leaving us open to violent attacks of our own.

I tried to tell my husband about different things taking place while he was at work telling him, You have to get us off this hill, it just doesnt feel safe here anymore, and he always laughed and said, I cant right now, but I will get us off this hill soon explaining we just didnt have the money to move into a house yet, and he would leave it at that and it just seemed like a weariness begin to fall over my spirit and like many, the feeling was so intense, Im sure I forgot to keep up with my prayers, and that was my mistake because Jesus does hear us praying alone and I should of remembered this, but I didnt. Not knowing this at the time, I to had fallen into Satans grip as my faith begin to dwindle away like everyone elses had as I blamed my family for not praying with me anymore in the name of Jesus.

So it was no surprise when our son, daughter-n-law and grandson moved off the hill one night after work, after all, our grandson had nearly lost his life earlier that day as some boys he had went into the woods with to gather firewood wanted to cut his head off and sit it on a log for one of us to find, so we still thank God for allowing our daughter-n-law and one of her friends to have that worried feelings of something not being right with one of your kids, and an urgency in their spirits to find our grandson could not be overlooked, it was a feeling a parent responds to immediately and Im thankful they did. The two ladies were heard in the campground as they yelled for the boys, and shortly after the search started our grandson was found running through the woods screaming, I can feel the ax in my back, help me, please somebody help me, they want to cut my head off, they want to kill me, crying as if there was no tomorrow, sheer terror and anger shot through his mothers very being as she rescued her son from the two boys who readily admitted they wanted to kill her son by cutting his off and sitting it on a log for us to find. The fear of the danger lurking by had faded now because it had all just became reality and we all knew, we were in some serious danger I still knew Jesus would come through for us in the end. So even though I hated to see the kids leave that night, I felt a peacefulness move in where the weariness had been, because I knew it was the best thing for them to do because we simply couldnt take the chance on our little guy getting hurt nor anyone else we loved.

It was so quiet and lonesome on the hill after my husband went to work the following morning, the kids, the dog were now all gone leaving Mother and me there alone from early in the morning until very late at night as my husband was now driving himself the long distance to work and back to our campsite each day because I didnt trust anyone with my Mom now.

So when my husband arrived at home each evening he barely spoke a word to me or Mom, he would eat, sit or lay down falling asleep leaving Mom and me to fend for ourselves but I never minded, I knew he was tired from working all day and the long drive he made twice daily was taking a toil on him. With Mom being ill the way she was I felt very alone most of the time so I wrapped myself up into my studies, my work and the Lord, and looking back now I probably ignored my Mom more then I thought or even intended to but most of the time she was angry so I tried to stay out of her way as much as I could. You see Mom was still angry at me for several reasons and it was over things I had no control over one way or another, but the one that made her the way she was towards me now was, she simply couldnt get over the fact that Dad had died, and my husband and I couldnt save him from his massive heart attack he had suffered at home; and even though it wasnt our faults, Mom blamed us for this great loss in her life and at times she simply didnt want me around because of the memories she held in her heart of so long ago, then one day when it was just the two of us alone I got hurt. Moms heart seemed to fill with forgiveness and her anger towards me just disappeared as she returned to the love and compassion I had known in the past and within time, I would cherish these precious moments spent with my Mom as she became strong and feisty all over again as she knew I was trying desperately hard to get us off this evil hill.

I continued begging my husband to get Mom and me off the hill, I told him, Please, please get us off this hill, something is trying to kill us here. But the same answer came as always, I just cant right now, and you need to get other things on your mind and grow up, your not a kid anymore, so then I begin to wonder where his money was going from payday to payday and on who, cause it sure wasnt on us. Here it had been well over a month since our kids left the hill and my question was this, Why is Mom and me still here in this evil place? Doesnt anyone care about us? are we going to die here alone unless you help us Lord and this was something I knew without a doubt, we would die if we didnt get off this hill soon.

Things had became so terrifying as the darkness fell that our gas lantern was left on low all night so that we could see any movement coming near our trailer. Then one morning before my husband left the hill for work the lantern had run out of gas, so I ask him, Will you please fill the lantern and re-lite it for me since I dont know how to do it, he said, Im late, you can do it yourself, your not stupid read the directions so as I begged him almost in tears to help me with this, he refused one last time as he backed out of his parking place then drove out of the campground leaving me standing there in the dark with a flashlight that was now very dim as I had already used it to much.

I immediately ask Jesus to help me not blow myself up, I reached under the table and got the gas out, unscrewed the lid, poured the gas in, and thought, Umm, things are going pretty good here now, I shouldnt of been such a big baby now I scolded myself thinking if I can lite this lantern by myself, I know well be fine from now on and I thought about how happy Mom was going to be of me when I went back into the trailer in victory. So finishing up with the gas and making sure the lid was on securely, I made my first attempt of lighting the lantern and Praise the Lord it worked, as I sit the gas can back under the table and was in the process of standing back up, I felt a twinge of pain, I heard a loud indescribable noise, almost a deafening roar of some kind, and then pain was felt all over my body, my screams of terror was heard all throughout the woods, I could see them, birds, lots of birds, pecking me all over the place, big black birds, crows maybe, strong oh they were so strong, I tried to protect my face with my hands and arms, but they now I hurt so bad I kept moving my hands and arms to get the birds of off them, but they were to strong for me to sling off and the biting, pecking and scratching continued on and in my terror I screamed out to Jesus to help me, and no sooner had I spoken the words a great big bird swooped down out of the heavens chasing the evil birds away, This big powerful bird seemed to give me a look of reassurance, his eye shown with intenseness, yet they showered me with comfort in that brief moment as I looked into the one eye I could see, he then allowed me to grab a hold of his beautiful wing and within moments I was standing in the doorway of my trailer crying uncontrollable. I could hear my Mom saying, What was that? Sis are you okay? What was that? I heard all of the commotion but I couldnt see a thing, I wanted to help but I couldnt see you, I couldnt see anything, I could just hear you screaming as if you were hurt, and what was that big thing at the door, Are you hurt? she asked again, and I didnt want to scare her, I thought if I did she may have a heart attack so I told her I was fine, but she knew I wasnt, And hurt, I was and not only did I need Jesus right then, I needed my Mother and her soothing words, I needed her care and the love only a Mother can shower on a frightened child..

I was so terrified and unsure of what had just happened all I could do is cry, cry and cry for the longest time, then when I finally regained my composure I seen a brand new cassette still wrapped in the plastic they come in laying in the center of the table. I picked it up and begin reading the first title, I couldnt believe my eyes so I said, Mother, where did this tape come from? And then in my excitement before she could even answer me, I ask, Do you know what the title of the first song is? I have no idea, she replied, Its, If Jesus Came To Your House, What Would You Do, and I broke into tears knowing Jesus had just been there with us and I begin to cry as Mom helped care for my invisible wounds insisting I lay down and just rest because she promised not to let anything hurt me while I slept I dont remember much after Mom had me lay down until my husband came in from work that night, and the first words out of my mouth to him were, Get us off this hill now! Because if you dont I will walk Mom and me off of this evil hill when you go to work, the birds tried to kill me and we are leaving this hill, with or without you, and I guess I tried to tell him what happened after he left me standing outside alone that morning again because he said, You will have to wait until payday, then I will get you two of this hill. So I agreed to stay the week on the hill with Mother, but dont remember that part of the stay there, I remember nothing else that happened that week period, infact, I didnt remember anything until I put my Mom in the pickup, and I was getting in, the trailer was hooked up and I remember nothing else that took place as we left that campground that day, not one single thing do I remember.

The attacks by the birds continued off and on the next several months, and it didnt matter where we moved to, they just seemed to find us wherever we were. Even a few later the birds would gather around our house, and I would fill with terror and each time I would turn to Jesus for help, and each time he came through for me but there was a timeI became angry at Jesus for letting me get hurt so severely, I fell into a deep depression, and this is all I can talk about now I just dont want to send myself back into a state where I have to fight my way back.. So Ill end this here for now and maybe one day, I can tell you more..

Demonic attacks are very real they injure people severely and sometimes they even kill someone in order to get to Jesus but that they cant do! So if your under a heavy demonic attack and you simply dont know what to do, I ask that you email me, and when you do write if youre a Christian please tell me what God you serve.


Please watch for the rest of the story...See what happened when the Lord sent me back to this evil hill...not once but twice...See what the blood of Jesus and Anointing Oil did for not only me, but this entire family as those we loved fought one of the bloodiest spiritual battles we had ever seen... and when a cry came out, "Mom, there going to kill me," See what happened next...

I ask that you keep checking back..for the rest of the story... they are very hard to write about...let alone think about...

But each word is true....