Heaven in A Basket For You and Me!!!!!!

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Must Read--By The NUMBERS-Heaven in A Basket For You and Me!!!!!!
Pastor Carlucci
Oct 20, 2003

Demonslayer Ministries

By The NUMBERS-Heaven in A Basket For You and Me!!!!!! Pastor Carlucci Sep 22, 2003

Heaven in A Basket For You and Me!!!!!!

Mat 14:12 And his disciples came and took up the body and buried it, and went and told Jesus. Mat 14:13 When Jesus heard, He departed from there by boat into a deserted place apart. And hearing, the crowds followed Him on foot out of the cities. Mat 14:14 And Jesus went out and saw a great crowd, and He was moved with compassion toward them. And He healed their sick. Mat 14:15 And evening coming on, His disciples came to Him, saying, The place is deserted and the time has already gone by. Send the crowd away so that they may go into the villages and buy food for themselves. Mat 14:16 But Jesus said to them, They do not need to leave, you give them something to eat. Mat 14:17 And they said to Him, We have here only five loaves and two fish. Mat 14:18 And He said, Bring them here to Me. Mat 14:19 And He commanded the crowd to recline on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to Heaven He blessed and broke, and gave the loaves to His disciples. And the disciples gave to the crowd. Mat 14:20 And they all ate and were filled. And they took up twelve baskets full(ONE FOR EACH APOSTLE TO SEE AND REMEMBER) from the fragments that remained. Mat 14:21 And they who had eaten were about five thousand men, besides women and children.

Jesus had just heard that, that sly fox had just chopped his favorite and only cousins head off. The cousin whom among men there were none ever more righteous, the cousin whom baptized Him and was so humble to Him, stepping down that He might step up.. Jesus was sad and hurt and overcome by grief . I felt the same way when my sister was murdered by the mob. I know if I would have been me and 15,000 people came rushing to meet me and not all were friendly I might have called lightening down from Heaven and wiped the ground clean just so I could get some rest. Thank Jesus I am not Him.. The place was hot, they were tired, there feet stunk and really needed a good washing. The crowd had traveled to the remote wilderness trying to get a Word and had to run to keep up with Jesus and His gang. They probably mumbled a lot and complained about everything and anything, because they had been conditioned from their family generational curses from so many times around the mountain. They had heard so much that they needed to see. Many needed their shot at healing after all there were all these people ahead of them . Would they even have a chance? As long as there was hope they were great followers , just bad complainers. Rooted over generations of mumbling and no faith. After all as the Jesus gang had sailed in a boat and they had to run to just keep up , they had come too far to turn back now. They were in the middle of nowhere, tired, hot, sweaty, and their feet were killing them. Many had seen the miracles and the talk was nothing but positive and even with the scoffers there was a ever so little tad of hope. So here they were in the true wilderness with no food, sore to the bone, and tired. Finally the boat pulls to shore and Jesus gets out. All ears are quite and ready for a word. They needed a word so bad. All the travel to hear. E.F Hutton couldnt have gotten it quieter . All ears and eyes were on Jesus, even the sounds of the sea were not evident. Anticipation was on a new level. All were glued to the next move. And Jesus went out and saw a great crowd, (""and He was moved with compassion toward them. And He healed their sick."") Here was love on two feet. The man who had just heard his cousin was just beheaded was hugging and kissing all he touched and came to. People were screaming and jumping up and down and were acting like they were drunk and laughing and crying at the same time. And as Jesus came closer to the rest of the huge crowed the place went into a different dimension of time. Jesus walked and touched and smiled and laid His hands on everyone He came by as if they were the only person in His life, the love was the same and only grew stronger. (((( I am in the restaurant business all my life. It took 10 hours to prepare and feed 250-300 people a night. That was with the purveyors bringing the goods to us , a professional Maitre De to sit them properly and in timely order, and chefs, souse chefs food preps, waiters and serving and cleaning staff on board.)))

Lets do some math here. Say for debate sake 10,000 people. Divided by 50 to the group.. 200 groups of 50. 12 maitre de's ( apostles). Who now become the servers, then the busboys then the clean up crew. I would love to have Jesus and this crew working for me, wow. Does the purveyors show up on time? No. DO the servers have a answer? No. Jesus says to them you feed them They go duh duh duh well uh let me see. There is no delivery to call for take out. There is no stores in the neighborhood. We are dancing and going nowhere Lord. We only have 2 fish and five flat loaves of bread. He patiently says bring them here boys. Everybody is seated and waiting you know. The servers are looking to the head chef and saying to each other I sure hope He can pull this one Off. Jesus doesnt let them think to long , for they will mumble themselves into missing the whole miracle. He quickly says bring them to me( a valuable lesson for us through our walk in Jesus while on this earth. When in doubt, hand it to Jesus.) Before they can say I wonder what Hes doing. He seems to disappear into a time warp and starts praising the father and reaching into the little basket they had their lunch in and starts handing them whole loaves of bread and hands full of fish. The healed crowd only noticed the same giggly joy that was present at their healings. Every once in a while youd hear one of them say did you see that? It looked as if angels were baking bread in lots of ovens and drying fish at the most beautiful river Ive ever seen. WOW I thought I was just seeing things., No I saw it to. Then one of the crowd would say you just now seeing all the angels As they wondered what they had done wrong. Pretty soon they were all caught up in the most amazing display of dimensional travel they never knew existed. Look now saints can you see it? See the huge stone fired ovens breathing out big beautiful perfectly done loaves of Manna from Heaven. See the most beautiful rainbow trout being instantly netted and dried to perfect flavor IN THE GLORY OF his SUN. See the angels filling Jesus hands with just the right amount from one time portal to the next so to hand away to His hungry children. He just loves to feed. Remember feed those who hunger. See the crowd perfectly content and happier than they ever could be again. Perfect contentment. Healed, fattened and happy. No cares to choke them out and no doubt to debate with. AHHHH the presence of our Lord And Savior Jesus the Christ. Son of God , Son of Man, one IN the Father. The perfect loaf of bread came down from Heaven. That place must be opened to more than the letter of the story. It needs to be opened in your spirit by His Spirit. Take what is here and ask Jesus to walk you even farther into the country wilderness there not all wilderness experiences are bad. There you will find a peace that was waiting to be opened to you after you have followed Jesus hungering and thirsting after Righteousness sake. Revelation Knowledge( Apokalupsis- unveiling- enLIGHTenment ) Seeing into His dimension of Heaven. Imagine all He can and will show and quicken you with. Things outside of what you see hear now. As he walked on the Road to Emmaus the 2 disciples heart burned as He OPENED the scriptures to them. Ask Him to open them to you. He ate with them too . He wants to eat with you too.. I would have needed 200more cooks, servers, cleaners, and general helpers plus at least 3 more days 24-7 prep time to get that meal ready. I would have hoped for no complaints and prayed no one sent there fish back for not being cooked right. That in itself would have been a huge miracle. Just look at HIS food cost,0%.Labor-one meal and0% With Jesus at the stoves and head métier de, all were comforted, healed, fed, and had doggie bags of food left over to journey home with. And most of all the people left content and happier, much happier than when they got there. That to is a miracle. He did it in no more than a few hours . 1000 years as a day is as a day is a 1000 years to Jesus. No one cared what time it was when They left. They probably had to help each other down the road and hope their were no Roman soldiers who would bust them for public drunkenness on the new funny wine. You know they had wine! Fresh fish and bread with NO wine? Just turned all their water skins to wine then back to water when the dinner was over. Living water Wine. WOW Jesus! How was He doing? How did He feel? Do you see Him crying? Knowing how He wanted to keep them there in that perpetual state. Knowing they would soon talk themselves out of there healing and soon be doubting. His own apostles soon would ask where can we get some fish and bread at this time of day??? Ever wonder if Jesus ever shook and just scratched HIS Head??? Or Said things like Will they ever learn? Time seams sooo long down here. Pastor Carlucci

Used with permission: Thank you Pastor Carlucci