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We pray you are as blessed by each story that has been sent to us over the years and even those that have been a  part of our lives.

Don't Open That Door

Anointing Oil Usage

A Child's Prayer

Broken and Sore

A Call We All Hate To Receive (Mother)

Flying Words

Please Lord, Not Again

Not Ashamed Of You


Fragment's Of Life

Where God Ain't

The High Calling

The Three Tree's

Have You Been Blessed

Have You Ever?

Blessed Is The Man

The Devil's Best Tool To Use On You

An Angel Came

In His Heart


Last Minute Shopping

The Room

Standing Room Only

God Where Are You?

Old Jim Checking In

I Hurt My Friend, Now What Do I Do?

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder


The Oyster

Let Me Hear You Lord

He Was Born

Heaven's Grocery Store

The Dusty Shoe

The Pastor And The Cat

The Empty Chair

Love Is What Make's Life Great

Praying Hand's

Michael's Song

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