Not Ashamed Of You

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You say your not ashamed of me,

but do you treat me as you would have others treat you?

"No, no you don't."

"Lets go you say," so we go, all the while

you have another plot to make a fool of me, one more time.

You take me to a place of your own,

to the people you know and a life that you've created without me,

a place you now call your own.

A place you see as bright and cheery, but to me it is

the place called doom.

The chatter, laughter and silly jokes bring a calming to my soul;

even though I haven't said  a single word to one of these friends you call your own.

A happy mood sits in as someone speaks to me, a sight you can't stand to see.


disaster strikes one more time as you flutter by...

just as if we were still at home, and all alone.

Trying to fit in and not knowing a single name

has been harder then I thought. It is, hard to watch you flitter to and fro as I sit idly by;

knowing you won't even call me by my name.

But here I am sitting all prepared for another one of your dirty digs

as you flutter proudly by with a pretty one by your side.

You are to busy fluttering your eyes on things that should not be, haven't you learned this one yet?

So here I sit, sad and blue... not even knowing the fella's name right next to me.

Now, not caring if I stay or go, I say a quiet prayer for a little more strength to get me through this long ole night..

yet I know their will be a change come over you,

as another friend walks through the door.

A friend "Who may even know me by my name, quietly slips right on by."

Each time is to be different you say as you apologize,

but your dirty little jabs only stop when you need to fill your special needs.

Yet, my sadness and tears constantly remind me of the things I cannot change, and dear, that would be you. 

I cannot understand why things can't change because you will pay a dear price for all these thing someday.

Please continue too be, "Not ashamed of me," for it is these times that

Jesus wipes my tears, shows me compassion and calls me His own.

these are the times I'm promised a better life...

a life that will be filled with love and compassion

something you never knew as you said,

"I'm not ashamed of you."