Satan is alive and living here on planet earth with us

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As a young adult I knew my Jesus was the strongest of all, I also knew that Jesus had many different names and that every battle he fought was won for us, but unfortunately I only knew the devil at that time was called the devil, as that was what I had been taught in Sunday school. I was taught the devil did this or that to Jesus in earlier times, but I simply didn’t realize that the devil was all that evil to God’s people, boy was I fooled.

The devil I figured just couldn’t be all that bad as that is what my parent’s and grandparents called most of us kids growing up, and all of the picture‘s I had ever seen of him (the devil) was a little man in red holding a pitch fork and I thought he was cute, even little stuffed animals were bought for kids to play with and some folks even had a knick knack sitting on a shelf as a decoration for their home as they felt I guess like I did, it was cute in it‘s own unique way.

As I sit here typing this I can still hear my parent’s or grandparent’s say, “You dadgome little devil’s you, you better do this or that,” as they spoke to one of us kid’s, so when one of my sibling’s begin to throw around Satan’s name and spoke of the demons and their tremendous power and told me of what all he could do to my family and me with all of his new found power, I begin to search the scriptures to see who Satan was as his threats were right on target it seemed, (because no matter what he said he was going to do, he did and I felt the repercussion from it,) and being ignorant to God‘s words I was being beaten into a bloody pulp over and over again by this devil called Satan and something called demon‘s and I felt such an urgency to find answer‘s to my questions, as these thing‘s we didn‘t speak about in our home or church so going to our minister was out of the question.

For year’s I was in the dark concerning these things pretty much but the power my sibling used on me and a few other’s in the family were very real and yes, the tactic’s were without mercy to say the least and many of us suffered undue harm. Other family members had seen some of the same tactic’s I had been seeing but like me had no place to turn for the answer’s longed for so their silence was just that silence as fear swept over them as it had me.

I simply had no idea what to even search for in the bible and to be perfectly honest with you, it scared the living daylights out of me as my sibling threatened me continuously about the great power‘s of his new god, Satan, and he would tell me how God didn‘t care about his so called people as he allowed them to sufferer unmercifully at the enemies hands and with thing’s being as bad as they were, I agreed sheepishly and then with confusion moving in, more fear was instilled in me, my pain increased and so did the accident’s and the nightmare I/we all begin to live in believing it was each other we were angry with was conjured up by these evil deeds directed at us. My sibling surrounded me with the unknown, such as spirit‘s materializing in my presence, thing’s moving from here to there, illnesses and injuries taking place non-stop and this isn’t even to mention how my fear of what could to my husband, son’s or someone else I held close to my heart. My heart and mind was toyed with because I just didn’t know how to fight such evilness and the threat remained, if I didn‘t back off from this fight I was trying to fight in my own strength something worse would happen to one of us.

I would later learn through prayer and God‘s Words there were way‘s to fight God‘s way and win, Praise the Lord as the Holy Spirit begin to open my eye‘s, my mind and heart as I sought for answer‘s in God‘s Word, but each thing learned also brought a new depth to the battle‘s I was caught up in.

O I was such a chicken, so terribly afraid of the power and hold Satan had over me, my family and those I held close to my heart as friends as I realized this power he held was handed out freely to anyone who would just believe in him and trust me, when people were tired of being afraid and living in defeat many of them turned to this new source of power that only brought harm, false hopes and dreams into their lives for a time.

My sibling new my every move, my families every move, and he lived a thousand miles or so from us; but friend that never stopped him from his dirty deeds, his knowledge of what was being said by us was used against us and his threats for more harm came like clock work, so yes I lived in defeat for over thirty years but I never quit fighting this evilness that just seemed to engulf this family of mine.

My defeat increased when I begin to speak out openly about these things as everyone I knew believed I was either full of the devil myself, on drug’s or I had lost my mind completely but in the name of Jesus, I knew I‘d survive someway if I could or would only trust in the Lord as my teaching‘s of these things continued.

Those closest to me worked over time trying to convince me there was nothing to my siblings word’s and/or to the thing’s that were taking place in my life, I‘d be told, “Thing‘s just happen and you better get used to it.” Everyone seemed to turn against me as I‘d move forward in my fight, my sibling did no wrong as it was all in my head as he controlled all who would get in his way of fighting his battle with me as he became like a king to them, he spoke in such a gentle, pleasant way, that everyone moved as he spoke, they shunned as he said to, but in my heart somehow I knew he was evil and that he had to be stopped as well as other‘s like him.

I fight him for so long then in fear of someone else being hurt (spouse, child etc.) I‘d back off as now I had the whole family to contend with as they beckoned to his every call Even though I backed off over and over again, never once did the Lord ever allow me to quit learning how to fight the evilness that has destroyed many people and their lives over the years, Praise the Lord.


So yes, it’s very amazing to think back to the day’s when I had no idea the devil had more name’s than one; nor how this ignorance of mine nearly cost me my life and the lives of those I loved. It’s truly amazing how my family and I was nearly destroyed not once, but many, many times and thank God for Jesus and his amazing power over the principalities of darkness as he is the only reason a one of us in this family is still here, Praise His Holy, Holy name.

The last big battle was so devastating I had to learn all I could about this evil spirit called the devil and his evil worker‘s, as I was sick of us being slaughtered one by one, and in the name of Jesus Christ, the living God we won‘t live in such defeat again as the last battle left many of us injured and near spiritual and physical death, and in the name of Jesus, than God we have and are holding the victory over these treacherous tactic’s used on this family even though we are still hit over and over again by the evilness known as the principalities of darkness and the prince of this world Satan and his every evil deed!!!

(This final battle was so intense and devastating for many of us that we don’t speak of it publicly nor among ourselves as the memories can and do overtake us from time to time, and we find this isn‘t good either because a couple of our loved one’s went on to be with Jesus during this time and the loss was grieved deeper then most for us as we knew how each one of our loved one‘s lived before going on to be with Jesus, in complete fear and defeat, now there is no fear, pain, or sorrow of any kind for them and we all know their safe in the arms of Jesus. Praise God)


It breaks my heart to hear or know of other families that are living their lives in as much torment as we did, but prayerfully with the help of the Holy Spirit and his amazing way of teaching all of us, my hands will work properly for him and his words will teach you about your/our enemy, and prayerfully you will learn a new way to fight the evilness that’s destroying you and your family as we all agree together for this to be done in the name of Jesus.

Here is a list of scripture’s that may aid you in your search for answer’s and a new way to fight the evilness that is coming against you and those you love.

I also know that anyone reading this will be hit with fear, fear of many different thing’s so please know what Isaiah 48:10 say’s below and believe it.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

It is with great love and compassion I write these thing’s for you to learn by, and it is with my deepest prayer’s that you see, hear and learn how to change thing’s in your broken lives as it has never been our God’s will for you or us to live in such brokenness and defeat.

The Devil Is God’s Chief Opponent

The devil also known as Satan is known by many different names.

Name’s that we have forgotten, or names we never heard of, but friend believe me when I say, “Satan is alive and living here on planet earth with us.”




A few of the Devil’s name listed below

Abaddon---Rev. 9:11

Accuser---Rev. 12:10

Adversary---1 Peter 5:8

Angel of the bottomless pit---Rev. 9:11

Apollyon---Rev. 9:11


Belial---2 Cor. 6:15

God of this world---2 Cor. 4:4

Murderer---John 8:44

Old serpent---Rev. 20:2

Prince of demons---Matt.12:24

Prince of the power of the air…Eph. 2:2

Prince of this world---John 14:30

Ruler of darkness---Eph. 6:12

Satan---Luke 10:18

Serpent---Gen. 3:4

Wicked one---Matt. 13:19

What is the devil’s origin?

His heart is lifted up in pride---Is. 14:12-20

He was perfect until sin came---Ezek. 28:14-19

Greatest of fallen angels---Rev. 12:7-9

Tempts man to sin---Gen. 3:1-7

Father of lies---John 8:44

Satan is very subtle in all that he does.

Subtle---Gen. 3:1 and 2 Cor. 11:3

Slanderous---Job 1:9

Deceitful---2 Cor.---11:14

Powerful---Eph. 2:2

Proud---1 Tim. 3:6

Cowardly---James 4:7

Wicked---1 John 2:13

Satan has power over his children as they belong to him.

They are his children---Acts 13:10 and 1 John 3:10

They do his will---John 8:44

He possess---Luke 22:3

He blinds---2 Cor. 4:4

He deceives---Rev. 20:7,8

He ensnares---1 Tim. 3:7

He troubles---1 Sam. 16:14

They are punished with him---Matt. 25:41

Satan’s Power Over God’s People

Tempts---1 Chr. 21:1

Afflict---Job 2:7

Accuse---Zech. 3:1

Sift---Luke 22:31

Bequile---2 Cor. 11:3

Disquise---2 Cor. 14, 15

Demon’s =Evil Spirits

Are evil---Luke 10:17,18

Are powerful---Luke 8:29

Are numerous---Mark 5:8, 9

Are unclean---Matt. 10:1

Are under Satan---Matt. 12:24-30

Their Abilities Are

To recognize Christ---Mark 1:23, 24

To possess human beings---Matt. 8:29

To overcome men---Acts 19:13-16

To know their destiny---Matt. 8:29-33

To receive sacrifice---1 Cor. 10:20

To instigate deceit---1 Tim. 4:1

Demon’s are very intelligent without a doubt, but Jesus is still in control of all thing’s as he still holds the key’s that open hells gate’s in his hand and that is exactly where these evil forces and doers will wind up in the end.

Praise the Lord!!!