A Clothes Line To Heaven

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A Clothesline To Heaven


I had ask the Lord so many times why my prayers were going unanswered, and I'm sure He told me, but I simply couldn't understand what He was saying. So being the God that He is, I was given a dream that I could understand and so can you. I saw myself praying and when I finished an angel gladly took my prayer and started up what looked like a clothesline stretched from earth to heaven and then back from heaven to earth on a pulley. Their were so many angel's coming and going, but I noticed some of the angel's just couldn't seem to make it all the way to heaven for some reason, they kept returning back to earth. As I finished up my new prayer once again an angel gladly took my prayer in hand and the same thing, some angels returned to earth, some went on to heaven and some spent just a few minutes in heaven and started back to earth with an answer in their hand. But as I was finishing up my prayer, I heard myself say, "And Lord, don't forget," The angel that had taken my prayer from me, r returned immediately to get my P.S. s and then started back up the long line towards heaven and I noticed my angel would get so close to heaven and then begin to descend back towards earth and me. This troubled me deeply in my dream, and I ask the Lord, "Why doesn't my angel continue on to heaven with my prayer Sir?" He said, "Because you simply won't let it go!" "What do you mean, I won't let it go?" "You say your prayer and I send an angel to pick it up from you and before it gets out of sight, you call the angel back as you continue changing your prayer around. And even if I'm ready to answer your prayer with a quick reply, I don't because it never reaches my throne." "I think I understand now Sir, I'll give it a try and see how it works okay?" Well sure enough once I said my prayer and I let it go, my prayers were being answered one by one. Many times I have been guilty of rushing to the Lord in prayer, only to keep the prayer earth bound for fear, the answer I wanted would never be answered the way I wanted it to be. Therefore I learned I simply couldn't let my prayers go and my prayers would go unanswered. When we pray, we must not doubt at all. Jesus is ever so faithful to those who trust in him. The children of God become prayer angel's as they pray for the unknown need in another person life as the Holy Spirit directs them, and my friend I've never considered myself an angel, but many people have told me, "In my darkest hour it seemed as if I could hear your words telling me what to do in my situation." I always tell them, "It wasn't me you heard my friend, it was the Holy Spirit, using my voice to bring you comfort through your trial." Prayer Angels how many times have you prayed for someone and they knew it was you praying for them? I think its wonderful how at an accident scene an angel will appear out of the blue to give aid to an injured person, was it you as you prayed for the safety of the drivers on our highways? True, this we may never know, but why take the chance. We have no idea how God uses his people or their spirits so please pray as often as you can for those who just aren't thinking about prayer. Also when I find I need a quick prayer partner and I'm alone, I ask the Holy Spirit to be my prayer partner and then in turn I agree with anyone and everyone praying in the name of Jesus, this way I know the Lord is present during our prayer and I then have no doubt whatsoever my prayer reached heaven quickly. John 14:14 If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.