The Little Spider In The Web

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Little Spider In The Web

Written by: Erma L. Sossman


Have you ever thought much about a spider or its web?

Have you noticed a spider web is not limited to just one place. A spider web can be found all over the world. They can be found in trees, on shrubs, dangling from buildings, in homes, offices, poor neighborhoods, ritzy districts, mansions, churches, schools and yes boys and girls, spider webs can even be found in a kings palace, if only you will look.

The Web gently calls the little spider home, promising her everything good concerning her life. Food, health, shelter, love, healings and even protection from the big bullies on the block who might hurt her. Plus, the Web promises Little Spider life.

The little spider just doesn’t know what to do, after all she’s made it on her own this long, but it was something for her to consider. What to do? What to do?

A short time later Little Spider says to the Web, “You promise me all of these things for nothing, what do you get out of it?” The Web say’s, “Well, Little Spider I get you and well, that’s good enough for me.” Little Spider humbly agrees to enter into the web, for a life that could offer her everything good concerning her life, and where she knew everything in her life would be possible to accomplish.

As Little Spider began working in the Webs garden, she’d till the ground, plant the seeds, then make sure she watered all the seeds daily. Then one day Little Spider became restless in this new life, forgetting to water the seed and the weeds begin to grow and grow.

In Little Spiders restlessness she found herself needing a nap with her naps turning into bigger and bigger naps. One day as Little Spider was dozing, she begin to dream such a beautiful dream, that she simply fell into slumber land. Oh, Little Spiders dream was beautiful, she was working in the Web’s garden, but as she tried to harvest the crop, she found weeds taking over everything. Seeing this made little Spider restless and she begin to toss and to turn, yet, falling deeper and deeper into her sleep. About the time Little Spider begin waking up from her dream she felt sheer terror; as she heard these words, “A spider web!, I hate those spider webs, I hate em! I hate em em! I hate em! Oh, how I hate those things called a spider web.”

“Oh no!” screamed Little Spider, this wild thing called woman didn’t ccome talking only, she came carrying a---stickly, prickly thing she called a broom. She jabbed Little Spider here and there, knocking her all bout, her terror was now running very, very deep, she screamed out in terror, “Web, Web, Oh Web please help me, I’m not going to make it.”

The Web knew Little Spiders fear and pulled her out of the wild things grip and back into the heart of his Web, where he had promised to give Little Spider all the good things, if only she’d live in his web. The wild thing called woman carrying that stickly, prickly thing she calls a broom just ran away as she heard the Web say, “Let her go, she’s mine.”

The Web made good all of his promises to Little Spider, leaving nothing undone. About this time though, Little Spider woke up and decided the Web had truly done no wrong and even though, the Web was hated by the wild thing, it held together through all dirty little jabs, and all of the knocking about; so much so, that he received all of the other little spiders along with their webs one by one as they called out to him.

Seeing all of this Little Spider felt such love, a love she could only hope for in the past. Feeling very ashamed for doing her own thing, Little Spider removed each weed from her garden and had a harvest of humungous size.


This cute little story came alive to us as we lived each and every word of it as it was no cute little story, but a prophecy, and never once did we see what was before a one of us and neither will you until the end near's.  God bless you dear friend as our prayer's are with you.  We also thank you for keeping us and our family in your prayer's as well as we need them desperately to stay in God's Will.