The River Of Doubt

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The River Of Doubt

Little did he see the future he wanted to see.

As nothing was, as he had planned

So many thing’s clouded his sight, and sadly to say,

“His thought’s were in disray.”

The rain came, the river swelled,

the man begin to float on his thought’s alone,

He crashed into this, and he crashed into that,

as he floated on his skimpy life raft.

But little did he know, his future, was already planned out.

His fretting and worry weighed him down,

As he bobbed up and down in the river so deep,

A river that seemed to grow and grow in strength

As the hour‘s rolled by.

The bank moved from time to time the man could see,

As he let fear sweep over him,

And the worry wore on.

A plan he had, a plan that failed,

No worry or fretting had helped this sinking man.

As he had now lost sight of the bank he had tried to reach

So many times in the past.

His tear’s didn’t help,

As they ran down his cheek

Bringing more fear and deeper doubt.

The fretting and the worry were ever so strong,

The doubt and other thing’s just seemed to cling to this drowning man

bobbing up and down, up and down,

in the current that was now so strong.

Little did this ole boy see, that the thing’s he was clinging to

Would help him drown, as they couldn’t hold his weight anymore.

The bank was close, safety was near, but he could not see the safety there,

As he was to busy saying, “O my, which way do I go?”

Up and down he bobbed, with thought’s that were now amiss,

Up and down he went as he bobbed along,

He reached for this, and he reached for that,

Grabbing nothing with his blind sight

His thought’s were not as strong as he had once thought,

As he was sinking faster then fast, going under one more time he

Gasped for air and begin to scream, “I give, don’t let me drown.”

“O man of mine, reach out and swim for I am nearby.”

The man looked bewildered as he heard these word’s,

He begin to question all that he had heard,

Fretting, as he took another gasp of the fresh air.

“O man of mine, reach out and swim, for I am ready to give you my hand.”

Still the man thought. “ I can make it on my own,”

But little did he know the debris was ever so close,

So close it begin to push and shove faster and harder, till the man could take no more.

Screaming in terror as the water moved faster, and faster, he knew he was sinking

But what should he do?

In one last desperate plea, he cried out “O please, don’t let me drown.”

“O man of mine, here I am, take my hand and I will pull you out.

Stop fretting and you will see, it’s all in your mind, thing’s aren’t as bad as they seem.

Safety is near, it’s in my hand’s, reach out and grab me, I will hold you, you will see.”

With one last plea the sinking man hears,

“Take hold of my hand, let me pull you free.

I can rid you of the thing’s your clinging to faster then you think,

as they will make you old and eventually do you in,

Let go, take my hand as the thing‘s you see.

Will not last.

The man bobbing up and down, reached out and took this mighty hand.

The hand that stir’s the river, or even calm’s it down,

The hand that lead’s you to safety as he sees the need,

Will sit you on the bank and give you a sound mind

And all you had to do, was take his hand.


Pastor Danny



Scripture Reading

Satan…….Gen.3:4.……Unbelief……Luke 1:18-20.……Worldly Wisdom…….1 Cor. 1:18-25.……Spiritual Instability…….James 1:6, 7.……Searching the Scriptures…….Act 17:11, 12.……Believing God’s word…….Luke 16:27-31