The Dark, Dreary Cloud

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The Dark, Dreary Cloud That Lurks About

The dark, dreary cloud seems to follow me where ever I go. Its as if an invisible force calls me by my name; as it teaches me how to live in this world.

The dark, dreary cloud that lurks about fills me with anxiety, panic attacks, depression and oppresses me wherever I go, and it never stops there; as it tempts with a single drink to calm my nerves, telling me, Now you can handle these things that are coming against you wherever you go, allowing you to have another little shot or another draft beer as false hopes settle in.

The dark, dreary cloud knows in time he will have me doing the things that pleases him, as he silently takes my will away, giving me the chance to be in his mighty care as I am now engulfed by his weariness. All the temptations he places in front of me gives me a false hope in knowing everything will soon pass by, and Im stuck on living this fake merry ole life.

The dark, dreary cloud who lurks about whispers, You are to skinny or fat, making you believe you need a new pill or diet plan as his devious little workers are now making plans to give you a major thrill as you are now tempted with drugs of all kinds; as your quilt of being skinny or too fat takes over your mind and heart.

The dark, dreary cloud whispers, Go to the store and find a new diet plan, then soon that doesnt work as you realize your skinner then ever or have doubled in size. Soon you hear, Dont give up, call a friend or even ole Uncle Joe, hit the streets friend and find just the right kind of thing that will make you feel cool or whatever you desire to be. Soon your stuck in a rut believing his every lie as this dark, deary cloud smothers you.

The dark, dreary cloud works on your self-esteem, heart and mind, and soon you feel alone as you know longer feel you belong to those who seemed to care or even love you; leaving you wandering all about in a dark, dark dreary world just barely hanging on.

The dark, dreary cloud chuckles in your ear and you never seem to care, as you stumble from pillar to post searching for a new way of life, feeling empty, weak and so alone.

The dark, dreary cloud places fear in your heart, and the fear settle deep in your mind taunting you wherever you go. The dark, dreary cloud is laughing all the while, as you slip into depression or more serious evil thoughts. The dark dreary clouds tells you there is no way out as you belong to him.

The dark, dreary cloud lurking about says, See, I've given you false hopes and dreams and you still believe my lies so let it be known, Im now in control of your life. I will control your mind and desires unless you call upon the name of the Lord but don't bother it to late as you lost your chance long ago.

The dark, dreary cloud releases you for awhile, but then he continues playing games with your life and mind, and soon your back in his grasp loosing everything that has mattered to you, some of you go to jail, prison, hospitals, and soon the grasp of this dark deary cloud is chasing your families as he smothers you, but he doesn't stop there as many times your precious life is destroyed as he plots to steal your soul.

The dark, dreary cloud beams with pride as he tells you, Ive won the battle, O yes your mine, just at look at you broken and useless as you wouldn't fight even though Ive killed young and old alike your ever so blind. Here Ive taken homes, jobs, and everything that mattered to you as my cloud of despair settled down over you, and I do this with sheer delight as I laugh at you. Your not even my friend as I have none, can't you see Ive never wanted you as you allowed my thoughts to rule you. I tell you all these things but you believe your just to weak and gave up on the fight, so here you sit saying O boo hoo look at my weary old life.

As the dark, dreary cloud lurking about laughs at you and your miserable life, he opens up hells gates and leads you to the front of the line, telling you, You are hopeless, you've gone to far and now you are truly mine, he laughs and say's For the God who created you doesnt love or even care about you, for you have sinned and claimed to be mine and only screamed out his name as you served me.

As the man begins to cry, the dark, dreary cloud mocks him and gives a big laugh, pats you on the back as he shouts with pride, You see, you still believe me no matter what I say, and this is why God has gave me this glorious name, Father of all Lies. For it is my goal to steal, kill and destroy as many lives as I can before I am sent to my very own home.

You didn't even care you had a choice to make as you grabbed hold of my whispers of lie's, you took the easy way out, you didn't care what master you served until someone you knew sent up a prayer asking this man called Jesus to deliver you and to save your soul and now here we stand at the front of the line, ready to enter your new home.

O no, O no, Jesus has heard your cry, don't leave me, don't let me go, I love you and you will always be mine, Jesus, that soul is mine, but Jesus say's, As I've told you before somebody was praying for this child of mine and you know, Whosoever shall call upon my name, shall be saved; Now get behind me as I take this child of mine.