O My People

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O My People

O My people, I have called thee to repentance and confession and forgiveness and cleansing; but ye have listened to My words as though they were but slight rustlings in the tree tops---as though they were of little consequences and could be brushed aside at will.

Behold, I say unto thee: ye cannot resist My Spirit without suffering pain, and ye cannot turn a deaf ear to My words without falling thereafter into the snare of the enemy.

Ye have not cried unto Me with all your hearts, but ye have complained that I have not heard your prayers. Lo, is it not written, the Lord is the re-warder of them that DILIGENTLY seek Him? And again, then shall ye find Me, when ye seek for Me with ALL thy heart.

Look no more to My hand to supply freely thy needs when ye have not humbled your hearts and cleansed your hands and come to Me with the sacrifice which I have required---even a broken and contrite heart. Ye need not listen for Me to speak to thee when your ears are heavy from listening to evil reports.

Just as there can come no healing to the physical body until there be first a removal of the poison in the system, so there can come no blessing and revival and renewal to My Body or the Church until there be a putting away of evil and purging away of sins. Your eyes shall not look upon My face whilst they are still engaged in viewing the
faults and imperfections in the brethern and when ye look to Me in truth and sincerity and repentance, ye shall indeed see Me, and having seen Me, you shall look upon thy brother with love and understanding and patience, knowing full well the needs in thine own heart and life.

Behold, after the weeds are cleared, after the fallow ground is broken up, yea, after the wees have been removed; Then will I send the showers, and then will I minister to thy hearts in kindness and in blessing. For though My heart hath been grieved, yet I love thee, and though I have hid My face from thee for a time, lo, in great tenderness would I gather thee again unto Myself.

I will withhold My chastening rod when ye turn unto Me in
repentance. If ye confess thy sins and recognize thy
transgressions, I will be faithful to thee and forgive thee, I will cleanse and restore thee. Thou wilt find peace. Thou shalt say the tears of Godly sorrow have been sweet.

The heart that grieveth over sin shall experience genuine comfort. There is not the like of it any of the comforts of the world. If thou bathe My feet in thy tears, I shall clasp thee to My bosom of love. I cannot describe to thee My love. I can only give it to thee. My love is deeper then the sea and goes beyond the Cross. The Spirit alone can communicate what lieth on the other side to you if you only ask.

I will walk you across the valley in victory if only you will call upon my name and trust me in all that you do.