Flying Word's Story And Study Guide

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Flying Words


Bible Study

Flying words are known to one and all.

Flying words are used against husband, wives, children, family, co-workers, friends and anyone else who gets in the way.

Flying words come from all around the world, people of all ages, sizes, shapes, rich or poor just seem to let their words fly.

Flying words are filled with more venom than any slithering snake, and these flying words will cause pain and even death.

Flying words allow you to hurt and brow beat each other, for these are only words you think, but they leave marks deep within: marks that man cannot see, and these marks left on the human spirit, gives man the right to turn his face away from God as he withers away in pain, loosing faith or never calling upon this precious name known as, "Jesus."

By using flying words you get to show off your I.Q. to man, you get to show off your weakness' and allow others to see what a weak spirit you yourself have; and this doesn't even include your selfish, overbearing side that you carry with such pride, remember, words eat away at our very souls and known to God as a silent killer.

Flying words allow you to say, "I'm sorry," in order to gain control as you are building up your confidence for one more round.

Then you turn around and say the mean things again in order to get your own way in the name of love, not realizing the damage that you have done; or are doing becomes it has become a way of life with you.

But soon you'll get your just rewards, as you sit alone: wondering where your life has gone.

As you sit there alone, you begin to wonder where your family and friends have gone never blaming yourself as your always right.

After all many of them thought you were cute as you could really let others have it as you let your words just fly.

Once again you look all around, but the room is empty as you sit there alone because dear friend there is no one left to call you by your name, as YOU simply couldn't control those flying little harmless words that only controlled you and your life.

Flying words are easy for the world and you to use, but these words that now fly so free and high, are not from the Creator of all things; but from a created being just like, you and me.

It's never to late to change your ways, or to land those flying words once and for all allowing them to never hurt or kill another living soul. It is never to late to ask Jesus Christ the Living God for forgiveness, as you ask Him to live in your heart and thanking Him for taking those useless flying words away and taking control of your life in a positive way. Then being allowed to teach others that what there doing is wrong as many of them allow their words to fly as well breaking hearts and killing a man's soul.

But dear friend, it is your choice to live in your destructive self, or to call upon the only one who can save you in the end.



Bible Study


Flying Words

1. James 3:5, 6, 8 and 10 say what about the tongue?

2. What does the tongue boast about?

3. The tongue can be easily tamed with self-control right?

4. If you disagree with the answer to # 3 then explain how you think the tongue can be tamed? And why?

5. If I were to say, The tongue was unruly, what would it be full of?

6. What does the scriptures say about, Blessings and Cursing coming out of the same mouth?

7. Explain why using Blessings and Cursings in the same breathe isnt recommended in Gods words? And explain your answer.

8. Proverbs Chapter 22 says what about a conceited man? Give another scripture and to back up your answer.

9. Romans Chapter 10 talks about being saved, now explain the first steps of being saved.

10. Jude 24 and 25 tells of a way to keep you from falling, and it tells of a way to present yourself as being faultless, now can you explain the rest of the scripture?

11. Should we break the habit of using flying words? If your answer is yes give an explanation for your answer.

12. Who can be hurt by flying words?

13. Using flying words show what about yourself or others?

14. Flying words are as deadly as what?

15. What can you loose by using flying words on others?

16. It is never to late to stop flying your words around is it?

17. Explain how to stop these flying words and if your guilty of this, will you stop?

18. Explain how you could benefit by not allowing your words to fly?

19. Explain what a slithering snake means to you, and if you can find a scripture to back up your answer would be great.

20. Write out John 14:14 and Romans 10:13, then answer who shall be saved and give an example of how this is done.

Dear friend, sometimes we have to hear words that reach down into our spirits, our soul in order to see that there is more to us then hurting others. Then it is by choice we choose the direction the rest of our life will go.

Please if this study has helped you in anyway let us know.

May the Holy Spirit lead you into all truths so that our Lord Jesus will receive the glory, for He is the best friend you or I will ever have.


Pastor Danny and Sister Erma

God has given you a tremendous gift. how could you possibly know that is what I needed to hear. I am amazed at how the lord Jesus is working through your N His Amazing Grace group. I am absolutely amazed. Please pray for me. I want the lord to take away the flying words and to set up his throne in my heart so that my outside and inside match. thank you. Shelly