An Angel Came

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                         by Annettee Budzban

Luke 22:34 "An Angel appeared to him and strengthened him."

I will never forget the incredible blessing I received seven years ago.
I can never doubt God's existence, or His love for us since this

On entrance to my home I was greeted by my youngest son Adam. His words
came at me like a nightmare, "Mom, the hospital called and said you have
to get there right away. Jim has been in a bad accident while riding his
motorcycle. He is in surgery now and has severe brain injuries."

Being a nurse myself, I knew just how bad this could be. As fear struck,
I thought, I must pull myself together... Pray. As I prayed, it came to
me to call a friend from church and have her alert the Pastor, and the
prayer chain. After completing this task, my son's girlfriend arrived
and we set off for the hospital.

I remember feeling as though I was in a fog, as I arrived through the
entrance to the Emergency Room. Immediately, I ran into my nurse friend
Mary. She didn't normally work the evening shift, but picked this one up
due to a staff shortage. God knew I needed to see a loving familiar
face. She hugged me and said the comforting words, "I believe he will
live." I felt her message touch my heart.

Mary escorted me to the surgery waiting room, where I joined my
ex-husband and my other son. They were anxiously awaiting further
instruction, and filled me in on the prior details, as they understood
them. Shortly after this, the surgeon entered to speak with us.

He told us that he couldn't perform the procedure he wanted to. The
equipment was malfunctioning. He was unable to place a shunt in my son's
brain to relieve the pressure. The next words out of his mouth were...
"I can't promise you that your son will live. We will have to wait. We
will be moving him to intensive care soon."

Upon arrival to the ICU, I eyed my son for the first time since this
ordeal. My heart grieved at the site of his convulsing body there on the
bed. All I could do was pray. The nurses requested that I go to the
waiting area so they could tranquilize his seizures. There I was greeted
by numerous
friends and support people who flocked to our side. A few hours later
our Pastor, along with a Deacon, his wife, and the friend I had called,
arrived and gave some extra prayer support. We all said a short prayer
together, as the Pastor anointed my son with oil. I then slipped down to
the chapel with my friend and the Deacon's wife. I lost all track of
time as I prayed in
the chapel. It was just the beginning of an evening that would increase
in intense prayer for my son.

As time flowed on, it must have been 11:00 p.m. Everyone was gone
including family and friends, when my close friend arrived. She now
joined me in prayer.

I stood vigilantly at my son's bedside as I prayed over him. I found
myself waving my hands up and down across his body as I prayed. I was
caught up in a Spirit of prayer I had never before experienced, as I
felt a voice whispering, "You can't stop, you must keep going." My
petition was not for the healing of my son, but that of loving words for
my Creator.

My friend was getting tired, so she continued her vigil sitting in a
chair across the room. I was driven to stay riveted right where I was,
as the voice continued saying, "You can't stop." Time stood still as I
went on and on in prayer. I had no comprehension of it, and then I felt
an incredible heat coming from my hands, and a peace that I had never
experienced before.
The voice was gently whispering to me, "You can go now." I
looked up at my friend across the room and repeated those words, as I
said to her, " I can go now." I then walked across the room to take a
seat next to my friend, who seemed dazed in her chair. As I looked at
her in my own bewilderment, she said, "When you told me that you felt
heat from your hands, and
incredible peace, I saw an angel, strewn across you . . . Her hands were
right on top of yours, and her hair draped over your hair. I asked God
for a better look and, He said, 'You are seeing her. You are seeing her
with your heart.'" We stared in amazement at each other as we proceeded
to leave his bedside, to go into the lounge. Entering there we found a
most peaceful place, as we heard worship music coming from the
television. It was Heavenly. We marveled at what God had done and
reveled in His peace.

The next few days proved this experience, as the peace continued within
me. Each time the Doctors came at me with their gruesome pieces of news
saying, "We don't know if he'll make it, or what his condition will be
if he does."
That voice inside of me said, "Don't listen he'll be just

I started telling everyone that Mother's Day was in three days, and my
son would come out of his coma and know me. These words came true. Not
only did he come out of his coma, as I suggested, but within two weeks
he was out of the hospital. Within six weeks he was released to go back
to work, and the
Doctors were startled at his amazing recovery.

I was not baffled or bewildered as the Doctor's and staff had been. My
friend and I got to experience a miracle in the making. We knew exactly
how my son was healed..."An Angel Came."
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